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veb one

A solutions with multiple capabilities


Access every diploma and complete employment history in a single safe and secure manner. VEB remembers your history and ensures that only you can access your personal achievements and credentials


Academic institutions are caught in a task intensive process of issuing and validating graduated students credentials and consequently exposing themselves for fraud without their knowledge. The VEB platform makes it cost efficient and easy to automate the entire process as well as ensuring the reputation of the institution.



With the VEB platform and it's technology, preventing fraud and false identification has never been easier, safer and faster.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Apart from being a cost effecient solution for the educational institutions, recruiters can also greatly benefit from not having to invest heavily in candidate verification. All the while being completely free and and easy for students

One Time Task

One Time Task

Once the data is codified and credentials are released, no more emails, no more phone calls no more resourceful tasks.

Easy Set-Up

Easy Set-Up

With an agile approach, VEB is able to deliver an easy implementation and thus deploying without being neither time nor cost heavy.

The Team

We are in it, to change it for the better
Martin Tom-Petersen

Martin Tom-Petersen


Vast experience in Gov tech and Smart City IT solution development. Worked with government institutions + top tier corporations. 10 years experience in the IT-industry from Oracle and Lenovo. Mixed with an academic background in business and computer science, Martin is enthusiastic and well equipped to pave the way for positive change in the academic and recruitment world.

Vadim Chupin

Vadim Chupin


Open-minded and creative individual with a B.Eng. degree in Robotics @BMSTU and M.A. degree in Finance @NRNU MEPHI. Impassioned with Ideas that matters. Experienced in strategy and operational consulting with wide area of expertise - from Telecom and FMCG to Composite Materials and Robotics, and wide range of skills - from financial modeling and business strategy development to design and development of robotic systems. Vadim is truly the trusted partner at VEB ensuring (and securing) the technology to be as effecient and reliable for all our partners.

Anders B.C. Schmidt

Anders B.C. Schmidt

Backend developer with a background in computer science

Tommy Troest

Tommy Troest

Frontend developer with a background in computer science

Hasan Surtiwala

Hasan Surtiwala

Strategic Advisor and Business Development

With a broad entrepreneurial, business development and investing background, Hasan Surtiwala is enabling VEB to become the leading solution from day one. Together with beign a Mentor at The Blockchain Centre in Vilnius, he brings with him an indispensable network and expertise.


What we at VEB do

VEB is a danish start-up company which utilizes the capabilities in current and available technologies like Blockchain to prevent fraud and to power the verification process of Digital diplomas and academic certificates. VEB is in the market to create a uniform solution which supports the career span of students, institutions and companies and to ease the demand for documentation as we progress.

Personal Info

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  • CVR no. 39390167.


Are you an academic institution or a recruiter?
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Simplicity is key
All parties will be able to use a single platform.

Blockchain verification
Through the power of blockchain complete transparency and validity is provided

Single point for data
The unique verification code will provide a single key for access.

Complete transparency + data
All parties will be able to trust and have full transparency


Cost reduction

VEB aides institutions and companies in reducing cost in their HR and Administration department.How can we state this? Lets describe a typical situation when a student or candidate needs a copy of the relevant documentation Current You either receive a call which means some one has to allocate time for taking it and finding the […]

Environment CSR

Environmental  The VEB-one solution reduces the amount of paper used in printing or re-printing diplomas and documentation of employment. Our solution actively benefits your corporate social responsibility(CSR) with actively and measurably reduces your environmental impact.            

Welcome to the future

VEB is the most proficient services of creating academic Diplomas og merits. VEB eliminates fraud using Blockchain technology VEB  make every diploma accessible instantaneously VEB enables you to share and revoke access instantaneously VEB ensures that your candidates and employees have the credentials need for the position and much more [upside_alert class=”alert alert-sky alert-dismissable” font_awesome_icon=”fa […]