Cost reduction

VEB aides institutions and companies in reducing cost in their HR and Administration department.How can we state this?

Lets describe a typical situation when a student or candidate needs a copy of the relevant documentation


  • You either receive a call which means some one has to allocate time for taking it and finding the relevante documents or
  • You receive a mail with a request of forwarding the relevante documents
    • Both are not secure methods and it can be literally anyone trying to get the information in these forms of communication between you and the candidate
    • Both requires time and resources from you staff
    • Both requires different resources from your IT infrastructure


The solution eliminates the strain on your administration and HR  by cutting resources and creating a self-service for students and candidates while on the same time securing their identity through the preferred national E-identification method like :

  • NemID private (Denmark)
  • NemID employee signatur (Denmark)
  • BankID (Norway)
  • Buypass Smartkort (Norway)
  • BankID (Sweden)
  • Mobile BankID (Sweden)
  • BankID mobile (Norway)
  • Tupas (Finland)​